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The chrysanthemum is used when the wine is not cleaned, and the ginger is used to prevent cold accumulation. In Chapter 38 of "A Dream of Red Mansions", Cao Xueqin wrote the most classic way of eating

In September, the hot weather in our province may be alleviated, but natural disasters such as typhoons and thunderstorms are still possible, and the water quality of aquaculture water bodies is very

Fuqing Maowang Shuiyan Development Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Longgao Peninsula in Zairao-----Gaoshan Town High School Industrial Zone. The company was founded in 2000 and has a total area

The deep-sea crayfish from New Zealand, "the last pure land in the world", have absorbed the essence of local nature: "green"-deep blue seas, "clean"-pure air, showing freshness

On September 17, USTR announced the latest list of 200 billion Chinese goods levied on taxes. Cod and Alaska pollock "Fillet" and "Frozen" seafood categories have been taxed.

Robins McIntosh, vice president of CP Foods (CPF), said that China’s shrimp farming industry suffers from diseases frequently, and the harvest is worse than one year. South America in 2018

Last month, Robins McInto, Senior Vice President of CP Foods (CPF), at the "Aquaculture Roundtable (TRAS)" held in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Why does the bought razor lose 20% as soon as it drains? Aquatic products expert: This is a "rule", "fat" and "puffiness" caused by bought back razor clams, why do they lose weight as soon as they dra

A community member in the Maunganui Bluff region of New Zealand said that they are calling for more measures to be taken in the illegal collection of shellfish and seafood in the region. He hopes